Monday, 10 November 2014

‘Scene’ at Euro Bus Expo 2014 part 5

I have been attending these shows for some years now and I am always impressed with the effort that manufacturers put into their products.


I will not attempt to cover the show in any great detail. That has and will be done by the professional magazines. Instead, I will focus on the bits that appealed to me.


Down the years, the ‘Stagecoach’ group have been innovators. Do you remember the massive 6 wheel ‘Jumbo’ double deckers, the ‘Magic Bus’ low fare operations and the ‘ services.


On the latter, I remember going to London for 50p. (Was that single or return, I cannot remember).


So it came as no surprise when they introduced the ‘megabusGold’ sleeper coaches. This show was my first chance to look at one.


The one on show carries the legal titling of ‘Western Buses Ltd’ of Ayr in Scotland. It is a DAF powered Van Hool Astromega.









Inside, It is all warm and cosy. The seats used during the day quickly make up into berths for night time. 


I felt that the bulkheads that are necessary to support the beds and provide a degree of privacy also restricted the space and might deter anyone who suffers with claustrophobia.


I also found the headroom on the upper deck limited. I am only 5ft. 8 inches tall and my head touched the roof 


However, I can’t wait to give it a try....!








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