Friday 7 November 2014

‘Scene’ at Euro Bus Expo 2014 part 2

I have been attending these shows for some years now and I am always impressed with the effort that manufacturers put into their products.


I will not attempt to cover the show in any great detail. That has and will be done by the professional magazines. Instead, I will pick out the bits that appealed to me and I will start with a look at what might to turn out to be the most luxurious coach yet.


Based on the new model VDL Futura, operated by ‘Leger’ Holidays’ of Rotherham and marketed as ‘Luxuria’. 


This coach has only 31 seats all arranged in 2 and 1 with two pairs of the singles facing each other across a table.


Each seat comes with its own fully interactive touch screen TV offering TV programmes, films and music. The screens are fitted in the seat backs as one finds in airliners today while the seats without seat backs in front of them have their screens on stalks.


I know that the ‘super luxury’ format has been tried before and not been entirely successful, however, I think that this time it might succeed and I wish this venture well.











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